Seattle Restaurants: Eat Out or In?

Last week I attended the Northwest Foodservice Show in downtown Seattle, which hosted thousands of restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industry professionals.  There was plenty of yummy goodness to sample from local businesses like Skout, Field Roast, Chuckanut Bay Foods, Ivar’s, and more.  Not to mention the local beverages from Washington wineries, breweries, and distilleries.  I was good.  Honestly.  Just a couple sips.

With a full belly and a totebag laden with conference materials, I attended a “state of the industry” presentation by the Washington Restaurant Association’s CEO.  He led an informative discussion on how the nearly 14,000 restaurants in Washington are faring in the current economy.  Good news: the industry has actually grown over the last few years and sales are up!  Most importantly, Washington restaurants account for nearly 206,000 jobs, making this industry the largest private employer in the state.  Since we like to follow trends, check out the results of a survey of 1800 chefs across the country. Local, sustainable, and nutritious are here to stay!

More geekie-foodie stats: According to the National Restaurant Association, the overall adult population eats out an average of 6 times per month at a quickservice restaurant and 3.9 times per month at a fullservice restaurant.  In 2010, the average household in America spent over $2500 eating outside of their home.  Gone are the days of eating out just for special occasions.  We eat out now just for the sake of eating, whether we are by ourselves or with friends or family.  While it is fun to go out to eat, there are some trade-offs.  Is eating out becoming too costly for your pocketbook?  Too costly for your waistline?

I’m not trying to put restaurants out of business.  Believe me, I’ve worked in them for most of my career and still enjoy eating out a couple times a month.  Instead, Honest to Goodness provides another option for you to enjoy delicious and healthy meals at home for less money than you would spend at a restaurant.  Click here to place your order for dinner solutions that will balance out your restaurant time with your home time.  $2500 in a year will buy you a whole lot of yummy goodness.  Your waistline will thank you!