Viral Videos and The Food We Eat

Does it have to be viral?  We’ve witnessed the popularity of “viral videos” on sites like Youtube and Facebook.  These videos grab quick attention of mutltitudes of peopele around the world, oftentimes showcasing funny antics, catchy tunes, and even political campaigns.  What does it mean to be viral?  Webster’s Dictionary defines viral as “becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet.”

When it comes to food, I hesitate away from viral: infections, toxins, or bad ingredients that invade your body (and some that invade your mind).  Virus.  Vi R Us.  You can almost hear those buggers shrieking with delight in their favorite toy store, i.e. your body.  Some foods truly are toxic.  I’ll spare you the extensive science lesson and focus more on those persnickety pathogenic ingredients that equate bodily badness.

Here’s my Top 7 Naughty Ninja Ingredients to Avoid that make the list of viral villainy by way of wreaking havoc in and on your body: 

1. Hydrogenated Oils

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup

3. MSG

4. Enriched Flours

5. Artificial Sweeteners

6. Artificial Colors

7. Energy Drinks



To quote one of my favorite high school teachers, “My body is a temple.”  This mantra has stuck with me over the years as I strive to honor the one and only body I’ve been given that will carry my through my life.  Contrary to popular belief, consuming the preservatives and addtives in your food does not preserve your body.  Formaldehyde is for after we die.

I encourage you to take a stand for your health and make conscientious choices about what you eat so these viral ingredients don’t cause you harm.  Your body is a temple too.