Food Cravings: Fat, Salt, or Sweet?

Confession: I had a major craving for friend food earlier this week while watching a Hokies football game at Buckley’s in Belltown.  Sitting in a crowded bar smelling chicken fingers and quesadillas had nothing to with my craving.  Yeah right.  Still, I called upon my powers of self-talk, restraint, and healthy eating objectives to be satisfied with a house salad and black bean soup to go with my beer.

We all have food cravings of some sort, no matter how healthy we eat.  And that’s ok.  Our bodies tell us what we need and how certain foods make us feel.  I know for a fact my diet has a shortage of fat and salt, both of which are still acceptable and necessary in moderate quantities.

When cravings strike you, give some thought to why you want a certain food, and then give yourself permission to have a little taste that will satisfy your hunger.  We could talk about emotional eating, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Here are some alternatives to soothe your cravings:

Healthy sources of fats

Good sugars

Other cravings

In the end, I did munch on some cheese crackers when I got home. They didn’t have the same effect as the taste of french fries, though my body felt much happier the next day than it would have had I dove into those crispy tots.  When it comes to cravings, positive thinking and seeking alternatives will help you win every time.