Seattle Wedding Planners

Today’s guest blog post comes from Perfectly Posh Events, a Seattle-area wedding planner who specializes in coordination and event design for weddings with style and sophistication.  Honest to Goodness Seattle recently interviewed owner Holly Patton to learn more about her experiences and to dish up her expertise in 2013 wedding trends.


Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Holly!  I was fortunate to be “born” into the event industry with a family business that taught me the ropes and inspired me at a young age; it’s like events are in my blood!  I started Perfectly Posh Events after working in the event and wedding industry for over six years and absolutely falling head-over-heels with all the details, prettiness and love involved with weddings.

A Seattle native, I love starting the morning off with a dry almond cappuccino and ending the day with a glass of red wine from one of the local Washington wineries.  I adore shoes and can be frequently seen running around events in a pair of amazing heels that color-coordinate with the event theme.  My current obsession is anything with pearls, lace or blush pink – I love sophisticated feminine styles with a fresh twist!


Why “Perfectly Posh”?

Perfectly Posh Events is the wedding planning solution for stylish and city chic couples!  We swoon over personal details and love making each wedding a reflection of that couple’s personal style.  Our services are designed to be customizable and flexible to fit with your busy life-style; we hate cookie-cutter events!


Why should couples hire a wedding planner instead of going the DIY route?

I am a fan of combining DIY with a wedding planner, that way you can get the best of both worlds!  There is something special about adding DIY elements to wedding – it makes the wedding feel bespoke and whimsical.  The advantage of including a wedding planner in your special day is that you can focus on the fun DIY elements while someone else focuses on the logistics of making those elements come to life in a cohesive design theme.  Plus, you have a direct connection to someone with lots and lots of experience with weddings who can help you put out fires before they happen!  I love using a “team effort” approach with couples who want to include DIY and encourage them to be as involved in the planning process as they want!


What is your favorite part of working with wedding couples?

It’s so fulfilling to know that at the end of my work day, I have helped someone start the next chapter of their life filled with tons of wonderful memories! I love getting to know each of the couples that I work with and finding unique ways to make their wedding a reflection of their love, happiness and values.


Who and what inspires you?

I am inspired by nature; a beautiful sunset, the ocean or a perfect flower.  I love how everything in nature is completely unique – there are no two sunsets that are the same – and that inspires me to make sure each wedding that I design is completely unique and represents that particular couple.

I am also inspired by people who have overcome great obstacles in life and yet they still have positive outlooks and are happy.  I’ve spent some time in Africa with some of the poorest people in the world and it amazes me how loving and thoughtful they were of ME even though they had so little.  That is truly inspiring.


What was your most memorable experience or lesson from studying under industry-icon Preston Bailey?

Every lesson I had was so inspiring!!! I naturally lean towards the “planning” side rather than “design” side of events, which is why I pushed myself to learn about design with Preston Bailey.  My most memorable experience was a project that we were assigned to create an event design & event plan based off something that inspired us – I chose a multi-colored pearl necklace that inspired the color choice for my Perfectly Posh Events branding.  Preston selected my project as his favorite out of all the other projects and I was so stoked!


What perfectly posh things do you love?

Where do I start and where do I end?!  Amazing shoes, pearls, lace, ribbons, gorgeous flowers, simple yet sophisticated designs, and just the right amount of class.  I’m currently obsessed with my Kate Spade nail polish (“Spiked Punch” layered with “Guilty Pleasures”), EOS lip balm, using cake pedestals in daily life (they make great serving dishes for appetizers!), and LaMarca Prosecco (love the Tiffany Blue label!).


What are 3 wedding trends you foresee for 2013?

Vintage weddings are here to stay for a while and most of the trends will incorporate aspects of vintage.  Expect to see a lot of lace, pearl, burlap and cloth.  Long exposed wood tables are super popular and thanks to Seattle Farm Tables couples can now rent them for their receptions.  Blush, cream and mint are really popular colors – I love how romantic they are!



What is your favorite/most unique wedding venue in the greater Seattle area?

For something urban, I am obsessed with WithinSodo.  Their rooftop deck has a view of the city that is to DIE FOR!  For something romantic and classic, I am in LOVE with Roche Harbor.  It’s one of my favorite local destinations and is such a fun place for the wedding guests to visit.  Plus, they offer a wide variety of spaces which make their venue very versatile.


Tell us about your involvement with Get Hitched Give Hope and the Mona Foundation.

Both organizations are really dear to my heart!

The Mona Foundation raises funds to support education of woman and children in third world countries.  I have been involved with them by helping to organize some of their large fundraising events and provide support when needed.

Get Hitched Give Hope benefits the Dream Foundation which grants dreams for adults dying of terminal illnesses.  When a dream is granted, it’s a happy moment that the family will remember for years to come and when they think of their loved one’s last days they have happy memories to look back on.  Get Hitched Give Hope is comprised of mostly of volunteers from the wedding industry and they host a large bridal gala each year where couples can go and win awesome goods or services for their weddings while giving back to an amazing cause.  This year, I am VP of Events which means that my team and I will be charge of organizing the gala in November at the Four Seasons.