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Safe Start Washington

Safe Start WashingtonGood news! Washington is re-opening businesses with its “Safe Start” plan. We hope you will re-open your home kitchen through Phases 1-4 to receive the help you crave for knowing what’s for dinner.

Our safety-conscious team of home chefs has implemented extra precautions. For instance, we use PPE and have extra sanitizing methods and physical distancing practices in place. In-home services are performed provided that our chefs are healthy and our clients are healthy. Rest assured, our personal chefs are always certified in food safety and sanitation. We strive to prepare a variety of tasty, nutritious dinners to make a positive difference in your day.

Please go to our Contact page and submit the form to let us know your situation in this Safe Start environment. It will be our pleasure to serve you in any way we can to ensure your household’s health!