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Chef James Gibney

Chef James Gibney

Chef James Gibney Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Services

Originally from Ireland, I am a professional chef with 17+ years of gastronomic experience from across the globe. I love all things food and travel and am lucky to have the experience of doing both for the past 10 years. You will never find me too far away from a market or a stove since cooking doesn’t only happen at work. “Mise en place” is my religion!

Prior to relocating to Seattle, I was Chef de Cuisine at the prestigious NH Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I led a team of 20+ chefs and kitchen staff to deliver unique corporate dining experiences. I worked as an Executive Chef at the same hotel group while in Brussels, Belgium. It was here that I had the opportunity to start Le Burger Bistrot, a fun and casual food concept in the hotel. When living in Jamaica, I started a restaurant called Wholesome Cafe that leverages local produce and fuses with European concepts. This was one of the most life-changing and challenging experiences to date that I am incredibly proud of, not just for the success of the restaurant but for the 100% local team who have since become family!

I am delighted to be here serving clients of Honest to Goodness with fresh, zingy, and diverse flavors that connect your palate and needs with some delicious cuisine. 

Savor pictures of Chef James’ cooking on his Instagram page.

Highlights from Chef James’ Menus

  • Pan-Seared Salmon with Salsa Verde served with Roast Vegetables & Herbed Pearl Couscous
  • Grilled Tuna served with Eggplant and Caponata
  • Roasted Fillet of Cod served with Puy Lentils & Mixed Vegetables
  • Stuffed Prawns with Chorizo & Crayfish served with Side Salad & Soda Bread
  • Stuffed, Roasted & Wrapped Filet of Pork with Apple & Sage served with Braised Cabbage & Turnip-Carrot Mash
  • Grilled Herb Sausage with Onion Red Wine Gravy served with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes & Peas & Pancetta
  • Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry served with Pickled Cucumber & Jasmine Rice   
  • Herb Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breast served with Turnip-Carrot Purée & Grilled Asparagus