Our Talent, Your Table Blend DECAF Coffee

Awaken your senses and spirits in the morning with Our Talent, Your Table DECAF coffee blend. This jitter-free spicy, fruitful blend boasts Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan beans for a superbly balanced and rich cup.


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Delight in the sensual aromas of a freshly-brewed pot of decaf coffee to tempt you out of bed or reinvigorate your afternoon. We partner with Middle Fork Roasters since they are a superb Seattle roastery. They use sustainably grown and processed coffee that they roast in micro-batches. Also, MFR and Honest to Goodness share similar values in serving our communities and making a positive difference.

We know you will taste the difference in this decaf blend because it combines distinctive flavors from Africa and South America. The spice and fruit flavors found in Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan beans come together for a superbly balanced and rich cup. 

  • Colombian Coffee Flavors: caramel, chocolate, fruity, nutty
  • Guatemalan Coffee Flavors: chocolate, toffee, sweet, nutty
  • Ethiopian Coffee Flavors: citrus, chocolate, fruity, floral

How to Pair Coffee with Food


Many people think that decaf is not real coffee. We beg to differ. Decaf comes from traditional green coffee beans that go through the process of swelling the beans with water or steam so that the caffeine can be extracted. Once the caffeine is removed, the beans are dried again to their original moisture level prior to the roasting process. People who get headaches or migraines from caffeine, or who are sensitive to caffeine-induced “jitters” or acid reflux, should switch to decaf so they can still enjoy the flavor of coffee.



At Honest to Goodness, your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will make good on our vision of making a positive difference. We are very proud of our products and think that you will absolutely love them, too! Please reach out to us with any questions or comments. Our Returns & Refund Policy is here.


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